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 Learning to relax takes some serious training, and I have been in need of a little ‘practice’ lately. The week before the Kentucky Derby we spent in Florida for a little workation. We had a beautiful time soaking in a little vitamin D (while wearing 100 spf obvi) and eating entirely too much. We went zip-lining for the first time, enjoyed some retail therapy, and drank icy-cold adult beverages from coconuts. What more could anyone possibly need? For every beach getaway, I usually hop on Tobi.com a couple weeks before and stock up really cute rompers and casual wear for the trip. They always have the BEST sales. I packed a $37 lbd that I scored on Tobi that doesn’t wrinkle in a suitcase, and it was so comfortable and perfect for our romantic date night! You’ll see… Check it all out below.

TIP: Traveling with hats can be a pain, but here are a few ways for them to arrive at your destination not smooshed.

1) It may seem obvious, but wear your most delicate one to travel. It you have a delicate straw hat or fedora this is your best bet if you are taking a flight.

2) Choose ‘floppy’ or hats advertised as crushable. Stetson lists these qualities in certain hats. This by NO means suggests that you should fold or crush them for packing. They are just far more forgiving and tend to reshape easier.

3) Hats can totally survive your suitcase if packed properly. Here is my trick for the highest success rate: Pack your suitcase half-full. Turn your hat upside down in the center of your suitcase. Finish packing around the hat base with soft clothing. Fill center of the hat with socks, scarves or other items until dense. This should maintain the shape of your hat and help it arrive safely.


Sunglasses | DIFF ‘Bella’ (Get 25% OFF using code SOUTHERN25)

Top | Gray Crop Tank by Cannonball Swimwear

Shorts | High Waisted Denim Cutoffs (or try these)

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