I am bringing ALL the spring vibes to you this week from Paradise Island, Bahamas! I am doing my best trying to soak up enough sun rays to fuel me until at least April at this rate. I am such a sucker for a great sundress. I feel like every spring and summer, I have a favorite go-to frock that is easy to throw on and is always cute… and I can already tell that for 2019 this is going to be mine. Kivari is one of my fave easy-breezy summertime labels and SouthernHippie.com carries a great selection (you should check out their entire website honestly, because is is positively drool-worthy). Southern Hippie one of those sites that just make you want to scrap your entire wardrobe and start from scratch, move to some remote island off of Greece and weave baskets for a living. But seriously.

Green is obviously a power color for me, but this particular shade of emerald is simply electric! Scroll below and catch all the details at the bottom, loves. 

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