During the cold months of the year I tend to get a little crafty. That creative energy is amplified by a dose of cabin fever courtesy of the frigid temps outside. I get the itch to jazz up my living spaces and will often stay up until the early morning hours reorganizing and re-arranging furniture until I eventually give in to my exhaustion. (I know that I can’t be the only one!)

 Art can transform your home and truly give it the ambiance that expresses what you love, but the look you are going for could come with a pretty lofty price tag. I adore fancy framing, but cost really adds up when you have a lot of wall space to fill. Today I wanted to switch things up a bit and share a super easy way to add that gorgeous designer touch to your living spaces by taking boring, cheap black frames and giving them a serious high-end makeover! It is also a beautiful gift idea if you plan to give a sentimental photo to a loved one. This tutorial is so simple that it barely needs instructions, and anyone can do it! 


What You Need:

  1. Liquid Gold Leaf – this is the one I used
  2. Simple, black picture frames – Usually around an inch thickness. HERE and HERE
  3. Painter’s tape – FROG Tape is my fave! 
  4. A flat paintbrush – a centimeter or so wide
  5. A ruler or measuring tape


  1. Measure the corners and decide how far you’d like the gold ‘brackets’ to extend. I chose 2.5″ on my smaller frame and 3.5″ on my larger. It’s up to your personal preference. Tape around the frame to create a crisp edge and be sure to really press down the edge to ensure no paint seeps under.
  2. Paint the sides and top of frame with long and even brushstrokes, avoiding the inner edge that meets the glass. I do not paint this inner side. The paint dries quickly, so avoid over-brushing (similar to nail polish).
  3. Remove tape after painting each section while paint is still wet. I found that the edges look cleaner this way.
  4. Be patient and allow to thoroughly dry. The gold can easy scratch even though dry until the paint ‘cures’ over time.
  5. Paintbrush can be cleansed with paint thinner or acetone. Paint is NOT water soluble.  

I just LOVE how the frames look with vintage botanical prints or black and white photos. I found so many of the botanical prints for my home HERE on Etsy! There are so many to choose from! 

Now go get creative! 

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