Scentbird – My Designer Fragrance Obsession

Hello. My name is Catherine and I am addicted to designer fragrances. Have you seen (or smelled) all the new delicious scents that are coming out this season? So many have me swooning! The only problem is that it would cost a small fortune to own each, and who has room for all those bottles? As it is I already have too many that I feel go unused and wasted when I am onto my next favorite thing. What if you could have an entire month’s supply of 7+ designer fragrances for what one bottle of your favorite perfume would cost? It is a no-brainer.

This is where Scentbird comes in. A few month’s ago a super savvy girlfriend told me about how she discovered her new summer scent using Scentbird’s quiz. She explained that it narrowed down their collection of 450+ designer fragrances to choices that it knew she would love, and then sends a 30 day supply of the scent you choose monthly. I was skeptical at first about trying a new perfume that I’ve never even tested based on a handful of questions. I mean, scents are so personal – how could it really know?

When my Scentbird arrived in the mail, the packaging was so chic. Inside a little velvet pouch was a full 8 mL bottle of perfume contained in a reusable and discreet twist-up case. It’s design prevents any accidental sprays in your purse/gymbag/suitcase – perfect for anyone on the go and especially for air travel. I chose Versace Crystal Noir for my first month, and let me just tell you… they NAILED it! I’m addicted! Everywhere I go I am asked what scent I am wearing. The amount of perfume provided ended up being far more than a month’s supply for me ( states that the amount is equal to 4 sprays a day for 30 days). For $14.95 a month and no shipping, that is an amazing deal. Now I LOVE discovering new fragrances without the commitment and guilt! I chose Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium for fall and it’s rich, sultry notes are spot-on perfect for the season, but you only have to switch up your fragrance if you want to! I got a few extra cases to keep on rotation which they offer in a plethora of colors. THIS is a subscription I can get excited about!

Want to try it for yourself? Use code TSG25 for 25% OFF your own Scentbird subscription! You can cancel literally anytime, even though I can’t imagine ever wanting to! What are you waiting for? Sign up HERE!

Don’t forget…

Remember, for 25% OFF on just use code TSG25! Enjoy discovering new things! Much love!


Photos by Andrew Kung Photography

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