The Crescent Moon area of Sedona is one of the most beautiful and mysterious places I’ve ever been, and I am always lured back. Even with thunderstorms brewing in the distance, it has a haunting peace about it. I adore the twisted old juniper trees. The breeze catches their sweet fragrance, taking it for miles. That is one of the first things you will notice when you are nearing the region. Throughout all of Sedona, the wind embraces you and leads you down paths and trails, each one offering some reward to the curious wanderer. This is one of the reasons I come here when my soul needs replenishing and inspiration.

Dark floral prints offer a magical & feminine feel that I adore. While I thoroughly love getting cozy with knits during this season, that doesn’t mean that the flowing frocks and prints are behind us. Bring that whimsical summer feel back down to earth in a darker and more weighted look with over the knee boots and heavy metal accessories (look at these!).

(You won’t even believe it, but my dress below is only $29 and comes in 7 different prints! )

Dress | Smocked Wait Button Up Botanical Dress

Boots | Vix Thigh High Boot (Similar) and these HERE are totally budget friendly

Belt | Medium Gucci Double G Leather Belt (Large size buckle HERE)

Jewelry | Gold Disc Drop Earrings & Gold Ali Cuff

Turquoise | Tumbled Stone Necklaces

Hat | (Similar) Wide Brim Black Fedora or Rag & Bone Fedora 

Lipcolor | Midnight Merlot

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