I believe in you
And in our hearts we know the truth
And I believe in love
And the darker it gets, the more I do
Try and fill us with your hate and we will shine a light
And the days will become endless
And never, and never turn to night
And never, and never turn to night

Then it’s just too much
I cannot get you close enough
A hundred arms, a hundred years
You can always find me here
And, Lord, don’t let me break this
Let me hold it lightly
Give me arms to pray with
Instead of ones that hold too tightly

We have no need to fight
We raise our voices and let our hearts take flight
Get higher than those planes can fly
Where the stars do not take sides

I let him sleep and as he does
My held breath fills the room with love
Hurts in ways I can’t describe
My heart bends and breaks so many, many times
And is born again with each sunrise
And is born again with each sunrise

~ 100 Years by Florence and the Machine (Listen HERE)


While traveling this past weekend to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs for my best friend’s wedding, I immersed myself in nature, in music and in thought. It is a beautiful space to reflect and be at peace. There are so many natural monuments and trails to explore. Quartz crystals and mica glitter the pathways and the sun hits them, making it look like you are walking through a party that was thrown the night before. It’s simply magical. One of my favorite monuments is called the “Siamese Twins” and is a short and easy hike, so we visited it several times during the week.

I have been mildly hooked on this whimsical dress by Free People the past few weeks. It’s one of those things that you get in every single color, as it has a way of pulling out your inner bohemian goddess. You will find yourself twirling in public for no reason and lost in your daydreams every moment of the day. Pull this look into cooler temps with a wool wide brim hat and a pair of boots.  Details at the bottom.

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