While what I am about to say doesn’t have much to do directly with fashion, it still applies. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking about the expectations that we have of ourselves as we grow older. Even as I’m getting ready for my day and choosing outfits, I hear a voice in my head every so often (and getting more frequent) saying “maybe you shouldn’t wear that style anymore” and “you are aging out of that type of look”, etc.  My skin is slowly changing as is my body in different ways. Some subtle, and some not so much. (we are, after all, our own worst critics) Deciphering our own feelings from society’s expectations that are deeply ingrained within us from childhood can be a tricky task. So much of the negativity around aging is much more of a cultural story than a biological story – and people’s behavior response to that cultural story.

Enough is enough.

We MUST choose a new narrative for ourselves and let go of the insecurities. Consciously shut that voice in your head down. Do more of what you want unapologetically. Enjoy that you have spent this many years of your life getting to know your own mind and heart better, and truly and deeply learn to appreciate your own relationship with yourself. Your true, authentic self. There is no sense in trying to be something that you’re not. Take pride in who you are, what you are, and WHERE you are within life. Celebrate the best version of yourself as you are today – not who you were 15 years ago.

I know all of this is easier said than done – and who am I at 36 to think I know anything of the struggles to come? I don’t know. And the fear is part of the problem. But if I choose to accept what I know will be mine and love myself through it, I know everything will be okay. Free your mind and heart to live life to it’s absolute fullest. Smile big and appreciate the lines that they leave behind.


Top | Metallic Dot Ruffle Top (Um, it’s only $16. This is not a drill!)

Hat | Juno Boater 

Boots | Frye June Short Boots

Bag | GG Marmont MATELASSÉ Mini Bag

Sunnies | QUAY “Breeze” (My go-to summer sunnies!)


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