So, I gave something new a try this week and I wanted to share my experience with you guys in a product review.

You may have all heard of the ‘Younique’ cosmetic brand through girlfriends, co-workers or even family members. Odds are that you are probably even in a group on Facebook that sells these products through consultants (Their 3D Fiber Lashes are a best seller). Ring a bell yet? Recently I received a Younique ‘Splurge’ cream eyeshadow in the mail from a consultant and friend, so I gave it a try!

REVIEW: Younique Splurge Eyeshadow!

I will start out by saying that I do not typically prefer ‘cream’ eyeshadows because I have a combination/oily complexion and cream shadows ALWAYS crease on me without fail (even with primer), and secondly, I’m not a fan of super sparkly eyeshadows in general.  HOWEVER… I am an eternal optimist and am always open to the possibility of finding a game changer. Well, the reason that I am sharing this review with you is because today I found one.

I opened the little jar to find a formula that is very lightweight for a cream/gel, and has almost a mousse-like texture. It is weightless – unlike other cream shadows I’ve tried. I applied it with a small flat makeup brush, similar to a concealer brush, and even blended it a bit with my fingertip. The color is called Tenacious and it has small gold flecks that played well with my red hair while being more glamorous than glittery. It turned to a silky powder texture within moments (no stickiness!) and one layer was quite nice. Naturally I decided to test limits and add another layer of color. The intensity built up and luster was phenomenal.  I only needed the one pot of color for the overall eye look as it naturally created dimensions of depth and highlights on it’s own, which I found to be very cool. (Note: I always use a layer of Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion on my lids before I apply makeup)

I was pleased with the application, and now I was ready to go about a long day of errands and appointments hoping that it would hold up and not let me down. I ran all over town, worked a photoshoot, went out to dinner and stayed up late working (and yes, I received many compliments throughout the day!). By the time I went to take off my makeup around 1AM, I took a moment to carefully examine the situation. It hadn’t budged. SUCCESS!!  I now love this new option for when I am feeling a bit glitzy or just want to jazz it up a bit. Now I am just wondering what my next color should be! Check out the results below!

REVIEW: Younique Splurge Eyeshadow!

REVIEW: Younique Splurge Eyeshadow!


Splurge Cream Eyeshadow | $26 Younique (The shade I used is ‘Tenacious’)

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Another great discovery about this product is that it is paraben free, which made me extremely happy. I am making every effort to use products with as few toxins as possible! Thank you so much to presenter Aimee Rhea for introducing me to this lovely eyeshadow and color.

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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Photos by Andrew Kung Photography

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